Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Files Might Tell Us Something About The Next DLC Fighters Pass Character

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Files Might Tell Us Something About The Next DLC Fighters Pass Character
Credit: Smash Bros. Via YouTube

Steve and Alex from Minecraft recently joined the battle over at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, becoming the latest in a long line of Fighters Pass DLC roster members.

Of course, the instant a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character is revealed, the question then immediately turns to, “who is the next one going to be?”

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A new supposed leak might have dropped a huge hint regarding at least one of the four DLC characters that have yet to be revealed.

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A SmashBoards user named Andree123 has revealed some interesting information. After reviewing the game’s files, they noticed five empty voice file slots for the four remaining unknown characters. That is notable because this was also the case after Terry Bogard was announced in the first Fighters Pass. At that time there was only one character remaining, but two voice slots.

So you have five empty voice slots and only four characters left. What does that mean? It is likely that one of these characters will actually be two characters in one. This is what happened with Fire Emblem’s Byleth, who had both a male and female character model. That was the case in the last Fighters Pass, as Byleth followed Terry to close out that first DLC set.

It could also mean that the character in question has some kind of sidekick or alternative transformation. While that doesn’t give us a whole lot to go on, it certainly gives us more than we had before. It also doesn’t narrow the character possibilities down in the least, leaving many still guessing.

Of course, this leak should be considered pure speculation at the moment as it has not been confirmed by the folks over at Nintendo. They have not commented on this situation whatsoever, and it is highly unlikely that they will issue any kind of statement.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the highest selling fighting game of all time. It claimed that title within its first year of release, beating out Street Fighter 2, which had been out for many years with several re-releases.

Super Smash Bros. as a franchise is also the highest selling fighting game franchise of all time, beating out some industry giants like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken, Marvel vs. Capcom, and many others.

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Speculation surrounding the Fighters Pass DLC characters has ranged from Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu Hayabusa to characters like Dante from Devil May Cry and Nintendo specific characters like Waluigi. It was revealed that Nintendo once attempted to bring in Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Square Enix was reportedly on board, but Disney put an end to the talks.