Strange Telephone – Everything Gamers Need To Know, Releasing On Nintendo Switch Nov 7

Strange Telephone – Everything Gamers Need To Know, Releasing On Nintendo Switch Nov 7
Credit: PLAYISM via YouTube

Strange Telephone is arriving on Nintendo Switch. Here’s everything gamers need to know, from what it is, how to play, and how to get their hands on it.

What is Strange Telephone?

Strange Telephone is a 2-D puzzle adventure game where the player explores strange worlds, collecting items, and solving puzzles.

What is the plot of Strange Telephone?

The hero of the game is Jill, who wakes up in a mysterious realm, and she is trapped within. The area is a dark and eerie place, and her only way back to the real world is through an ominous, locked, floating door.

She is not alone, however. Her friend Graham has taken the shape of a green, classic telephone. Jill will use the help of Graham to dial a number.

Once she has dialed a number, Graham and Jill will be whisked off to another world inside the realm.

Jill and Graham will travel through these worlds, in search of items and a key to get through the floating door and back home.

Here is the official Strange Telephone – Nintendo Switch trailer:

Strange Telephone gameplay:

Players will start by selecting the call button to bring up the dial pad, and players will type a phone number in. Each phone number will bring up a unique world that Jill is sent to. If the player dials the same number, they will be sent to the same world.

The objective of the game is for the player to collect items that are scattered throughout the different worlds. These items will be used to solve puzzles, which will eventually lead to obtaining the key to be used to unlock the floating door.

All in all, there are eleven different ending to Strange Telephone, and the conclusion of the game will be decided upon the worlds visited and items the player collects.


Once Jill and Graham are transported to a world, players will utilize a tap and go style of game controls. The player will tap an object to approach and inspect it.

Supported play mode:
Strange Telephone can be played using TV mode, Tabletop mode, and Handheld mode.

How many players?
Strange Telephone is a single-player game.

PLAYISM published the game, and HZ3 Software developed it.

Release date:
Strange Telephone comes out for Nintendo Switch on November 7, 2019.

How expensive and how to buy?
The game is sold for $9.99 digitally, and gamers can buy it right through Nintendo’s eshop.

Download size:
The file size is 85 MB.

What other platforms is the game available on?
Strange Telephone has been available on PC and mobile for a couple of years.