Players Find Potentially Game Breaking Glitch With New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Terry Bogard

Players Find Potentially Game Breaking Glitch With New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Terry Bogard
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Whenever new elements are added into a game via a downloadable patch, there’s always a risk that something is going to go wrong.

Nintendo recently released a new update for Super Smash Bros, entitled 6.0, which added a number of new elements, fixed some balancing issues, and added Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard to the game’s fighter roster of 74 playable characters.

Unfortunately, players quickly discovered a potentially game-breaking glitch while playing as Bogard against longtime Smash Bros. fighters the Ice Climbers.

On November 6, a YouTuber by the name of China Champ uploaded a video detailing the glitch. A mere 36 seconds into the video, Terry goes for his buster wolf special attack. While in the animation for the strike, the Ice Climbers used their Side Special Squall Hammer attack. When the two attacks collided both Terry and one of the Ice Climbers froze in place.

On top of that, a strange blue haze fell over the entire Dream Land stage while the players hung suspended in mid-air. What was even more bizarre was that the second Ice Climber was still active and moving around. However, he could not interact with either of the frozen characters. He was forced to jump off the stage which ended the match and returned the game to normal.

You can watch the glitch in action in this video.

While this glitch seems to be extremely rare, it will be interesting to see if other players continue to have similar issues with this new character.

Nintendo recently announced a new patch coming for the game, entitled 6.1.0, so it stands to reason that there are a few issues with the 6.0 update that the developers are trying to patch up.

What’s funny is that the Ice Climbers are no strangers to freezing issues. In Super Smash Bros Melee, which released on the Nintendo Game Cube in 2001, if you grabbed an opponent with the secondary Ice Climber while attacking with Slide Bing using the other one, the enemy fighter would freeze.

The Ice Climbers are a unique fighter in the Super Smash Bros. franchise because there are two of them and they fight simultaneously. Other characters with multiple fighters, such as the Pokemon Trainer, require players to swap characters in and out.

The Super Smash Bros. Franchise first released for the Nintendo 64 in 1999. Over the last 20 years it has come to stand atop the gaming world as the number one highest selling fighting game of all time.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is currently the highest-selling fighting game of all time. It is now available on the Nintendo Switch Console.