MineCraft’s Bees Do More Than Just Sting, They Allow Your Farms to Flourish!

MineCraft’s Bees Do More Than Just Sting, They Allow Your Farms to Flourish!
Credit: Logdotzip via YouTube

Minecraft has added Bees to their long list of Mobs in the game, these bees while seemingly a passive mob can become hostile if the player attacks their nest. These bees also feature a few notable changes to how some players will farm and collect crops, this is due to the bees being able to pollinate player crops which makes them grow significantly faster if the bees pass by them in a pollinated state.

These bees also create honey inside their bee nests, this can be collected by a player if they have a glass bottle. The bees were introduced in 1.15 for the Java Edition of Minecraft and 1.14 for the Bedrock edition of Minecraft.

With the introduction of Bees, Mojang also added new blocks to help the bees feel at home in their new digital world.

The Bee nest is not only the place where players can fill up their glass bottles with fantastically sweet honey but these blocks also house the bees. The Bee nest is naturally generated.

If the player wants to artificially create a Bee nest, they can craft a Beehive which offers the same features of a Bee nest but can be crafted using, six wood planks and three honeycombs with three planks on the top and bottom of the crafting grid with the honeycombs placed in the center line.

This update also added in two more blocks the Honey block, and the Honeycomb Block. The Honey block slows down any entity that touches any side of the block, this block also takes away some of the falling damage that the player may experience.

The last new block is the Honeycomb block, this block currently is just used for decorating and this block can be crafted using four honeycombs in a craft table.

Alongside these blocks, this update adds new items into Minecraft. These items include Honeybottles and Honeycombs.

Honey Bottles removes the poison effect when consumed by the player, players need to have an empty water bottle and find a bee nest. Honeycombs can be collected by using shears on bee nests and beehives.

The Bee mob itself can inflict Poison onto the player if attacked by them. After a player attacks a Bee nest, the bees will come out in a swarm to try and overwhelm the player. Bees are in fact breedable using a flower, also is a Bee doesn’t have a beehive, the bee will wander around looking for an empty beehive to inhabit.