A New Titanfall Is Currently Not In Development, According To Respawn

A New Titanfall Is Currently Not In Development, According To Respawn
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The Titanfall series by Respawn is beloved by many. It features giant mech suits and epic shooting action that you can get wrapped up in for weeks. So far, there have been two games in the series. Many have been excited about a third, but alas, there have been no signs of any movement.

That’s unfortunate because the Titanfall franchise is one of the better shooters you’ll find in this space currently.

Respawn has focused more of their time on Apex Legends, the highly popular battle royale game. Ever since it released in February of 2019, it has gone on to compete head to head with titles like Fortnite and PUBG.

Unfortunately, now that Apex Legends has gone on to achieve so much success this past year, Respawn has shifted their focus. So much so that many are beginning to wonder if a Titanfall 3 will ever come out. If you’re eager for some sort of announcement, Respawn recently commented on their current situation juggling the two projects.

Vince Zampella — CEO of Respawn — made a statement to IGN confirming that there currently is no Titanfall 3 game in development. That’s not what many fans wanted to hear. It seemed like enough time has passed to bring back this beloved franchise, where the developer could make improvements and expand upon the lore.

It looks like this won’t happen any time soon as Respawn is currently busy making improvements to Apex Legends. You can’t really blame them either. This is a huge money-maker for them and really took their operations to the next level.

Of course, they would continue to support the game and make it better for the loyal fans.

For now, it seems like Titanfall enthusiasts will just have to enjoy additional Titanfall lore through Apex Legends periodically. It is worth mentioning that Zampella did state he wanted to see a return to the series at some point.

That could be a couple of years from now, but at least he didn’t close the doors on a third game all together. There is still some hope left that Respawn will give fans what they’ve wanted for a long time now. They’ll just have to free up some of their resources and find the time.

Until then, the first two Titanfall titles are available and are true gems. They have plenty of content to hold you over until a third game is eventually put into development. Apex Legends is a fun time too if battle royale games are your thing.