Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Is Getting A Free Update On October 28 Bringing New Challenges

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Is Getting A Free Update On October 28 Bringing New Challenges
Credit: Sekiro via Steam

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a sadomasochist, and sometimes you start to run a bit dry on things to torture yourself with.

There’s only so many times that you can rerun the content from every Dark Souls and Bloodborne until you start feeling an itch for something new; perhaps in the form of a one-armed wolf that must protect a child-emperor with his last shreds of life.

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In an announcement today on Twitter, the title that brings Japan from the 1500s into unholy turmoil with more than enough classic Souls-like action by FromSoftware, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, has been announced to be getting a nice chunky free content update on October 28.

Rematch with bosses, attempt a single-life run (also known as deathless), and a few cosmetics to round out the pleasant patch that should have more than a few users reaching over to reinstall the title into their hard drives for one more run.

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Currently, it’s worth noting that there is no announcements regarding whether the patch is going to arrive on PC or Xbox One; it could simply be continual baiting of other console owners, or there could actually be no intent from FromSoftware to actually bring the patch across to the other platforms.

If it’s the latter, it’s likely to incite fans on other platforms that paid equally, yet are receiving less of a game; which turned out to be a massive sticking point in Marvel’s Avengers for fans on an international scale, which later began inciting PlayStation owners when they realized that they also weren’t getting the complete game.

When it comes to monetization strategies, nothing is considered sanctioned in the modern era.

Regardless, there are mechanics within Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice that many have honed to perfection, such as split-second parries and timing, routes across levels and regions, and ability upgrading and usage in a particular manner to min/max runs; that the title is continuing to receive updates over a year after release means all of that training (and throwing the controller across the room) hasn’t been entirely in vain.

Whether this patch will be enough for FromSoftware to regain some of their status after an astoundingly long absence of news regarding Elden Ring and Sucker Punch gaining massive clout with a wildly successful Ghost of Tsushima launch, which has both served in tandem to arguably weaken the studio’s clout as far as online popularity goes, has yet to be seen.

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Perhaps this update is why we still haven’t heard anything about Elden Ring.