Relicta Is A Challenging Physics-Based Puzzle Game That Is Heading For A PC, PlayStation 4, And Xbox One Release This August

Relicta Is A Challenging Physics-Based Puzzle Game That Is Heading For A PC, PlayStation 4, And Xbox One Release This August
Credit: Ravenscourt via Youtube

Experience a new physics-based puzzle experience that will take players to the moon. Relicta is an indie title from Mighty Polygon that contains a unique mystery far away. Enjoy a unique adventure that will test your scientific skills using magnetism, polarity, and gravity.

Take the role of a scientist in a research facility based on the moon. It is up to you how you explore the facility be it rushing against time or unraveling the details hidden among the 22nd century orbital politics.

Enter a futuristic world where you must take on a first-person physics-based puzzle experience. Combine magnetism and gravity as you unravel the secrets hidden in Chandra Base.

This title will challenge your scientific mind as you face the dangers of the Moon alone. Only be successfully navigating the base can you keep your daughter alive.

Play as a physicist stranded on a derelict Moonbase. Explore terraformed craters and solve physical puzzles that grow in complexity with every level. Buried in the eternal darkness of the craters is a secret wrapped in the intrigues of politics. Find the truth behind a secret that could claim your daughters life and change the fate of humanity forever.

Alter gravity and magnetism at will to solve mind-bending puzzles. As you combine your abilities you must take on difficult physical riddles that will challenge what you think you know.

The environment is lovingly detailed with each corner telling a new story. Each step on the moon is a new challenge that players can either take on head first or speed past.

Explore a deep and meaningful background to this title. Find the clues of the story and piece together what happened at Relicta’s anomaly. Face the consequences of your research and learn the truth behind this empty moon research facility.

This is a beautifully designed space mystery that will drive players forward from puzzle to puzzle. Save your daughter, learn the truth, and uncover what it takes to discover revolutionary science.

Relicta is planning a release on August 4, 2020. The game will release on Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Experience a unique puzzle adventure on the moon and take advantage of your skills in science, spatial reasoning, and riddle-solving. Only you can make it to the heart of Chandra Base, and only you can solve the many problems housed within the entire operation. Find your own way through each puzzle and save your daughter’s life.