The Sci-Fi Thriller Deliver Us The Moon Is Now Available On The PS4

The Sci-Fi Thriller Deliver Us The Moon Is Now Available On The PS4
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Deliver Us The Moon has been a pretty great sci-fi gem on PC. It features apocalyptic themes and great atmosphere. Unfortunately, PS4 gamers haven’t had the chance to experience it. That’s all changing according to a recent launch trailer. As this very moment, it’s available on the PS4.

If you enjoy games featuring survival elements and mystery, the wait is definitely worth it. You’ll get to play as an astronaut who’s sent to the moon to find resources for a depleted Earth. Things are not looking so good for the blue planet. It will be up to you to save humanity and turn the tide before it’s too late.

The game features just you and a trusty companion robot called ASE. Normally games like this can get a bit lonely, but the robot’s presence certainly helps keep the social element going and keeps you from losing your mind. You’ll move about the moon’s surface looking for resources and searching for clues about the previous inhabitants. They’re long gone and something seems a bit off.

As soon as you step foot on the moon’s surface, you get a doom and gloom vibe that sticks with you all the way until the end. Deliver Us The Moon also does a great job at capturing what it’s like to be a real-life astronaut. You’ll get to launch into space in a powerful rocket, explore the vastness of space, and eventually touch down on the moon.

Who hasn’t wanted to fulfill this child fantasy at some point? Thanks to this game, you can in epic fashion. It’s quite amazing to see the realistic details that the game’s developer — KeokeN Interactive– was able to achieve. They’ve captured astronaut themes perfectly in this game.

There are also plenty of resources you’ll get to play around with and master. These include high-tech lasers, advanced computer software, and industrial space suits. There are plenty of new things to discover as well around the sometimes creepy settings. Never before has mankind explored the depths of the moon like this. The entire time, you’ll be wandering what revelations are on the horizon.

Do you have what it takes to save Earth from total destruction and traverse the moon like a professional astronaut? Now is your chance to find out on the PS4. It’s a great addition to an already impressive library of games on this system. Just be ready for a wild ride.