Tune Into Unique First-Person Horror Title ASYLUM As It Debuts Its Demo On The Steam Game Festical

Tune Into Unique First-Person Horror Title ASYLUM As It Debuts Its Demo On The Steam Game Festical
Credit: Senscape via Youtube

Senscape has announced a new supernatural horror adventure game. ASYLUM is an indie horror title that is planning a time-limited demo during the Steam Game Festival later this month. The demo will give fans up to two hours of gameplay, giving them a taste of what this title can offer in its final release form.

Experience a horror adventure that is styled like an 80s grindhouse video. Experience atmospheric horror inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, Hammer Films, and Lucio Fulci. Travel through a mind-bending adventure as you solve puzzles within the decaying Hanwell Mental Institute.

Experience a horror adventure that is mentally disturbing and atmospherically chilling. As you travel through a decaying mental institute, you will learn a new definition of fear, and uncover the history of the building your inhabiting.

This game comes from the creators of Scratches and Serna as players are taken into the darkest depths of their minds. Enjoy an ambitious and intricate horror adventure that will take players into a dark and hallucinatory setting. Become a silent witness to horrible atrocities and explore the endless corridors of this complex.

Find your way through a towering mental hospital and solve a surreal mystery that is sure to haunt you for years. This is an atmospheric horror experience that builds up over time engrossing players in the ruins around them.

This mind-bending storyline has been kept secret through all ten years of the game’s production. Experience a horror narrative so intense that you will almost be able to smell the decay in your environment.

Test your wit and skills of observation through exciting and challenging puzzles. No math or pixel-hunting, just challenging and engaging puzzles.

Enjoy a memorable soundtrack inspired by vintage horror productions. This entire experience is a chance to travel into the past of horror and find out that not much has changed since then.

Relentless pacing and terrifying atmospheric details are sure to drive players deeper into a shocking story. There is a conclusion so intense that you will be shocked.

ASYLUM is currently without an official release date. Fans can experience the game early during the Steam Game Festival between June 16 and June 22. Experience a new name in horror and taste a Kickstarter game come reality. This is a horror experience that Senscape has put their heart and soul into. Hours upon years of developmental effort have gone into crafting this unique horror experience for fans.