Hitman 3’s VR Capabilities Were Recently Shown Off In A Gameplay Trailer

Hitman 3’s VR Capabilities Were Recently Shown Off In A Gameplay Trailer
Credit: PlayStation Europe via YouTube

When news broke that IO Interactive‘s Hitman 3 would support VR capabilities, many fans of the series began visualizing the added immersion of playing as Agent 47 taking out targets like they are there with them in real life.

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It’s a pretty cool selling point for this upcoming installment, which is about to release here in a couple of weeks. The developer has already done fantastic work at innovating the series over the years with their open sandbox design and enhanced mechanics, but VR support just opens up the stealth-based combat even more. For many, it has been a highly requested feature for years now. Ask and you shall receive.

If you’ve wondered what VR would be like in a Hitman game, you’re in luck. There is new gameplay footage out now showing off the added immersion in Hitman 3. You can check out the trailer up above to see what progression has been made in the VR space.

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You’ll notice how different the experience is having first-person visuals, much like you’re Agent 47 himself. That was the primary goal of bringing VR support to this upcoming installment. IO Interactive knows it will be a novel feature that many will want to check out firsthand using Sony’s PSVR unit.

The Hitman series always did a great job at immersing you in the environments as you try to figure out the best paths to take out a selected target. With VR technology, that immersion is even more prominent. You get lost in the game as you move throughout different locales, seeing what resources you can benefit from.

The VR support doesn’t seem to hinder the freedom of choice in Hitman 3 either. Despite having first-person visuals, you’ll still be able to decide how you approach each target. That’s good to see because many have wondered how the logistics of VR would work.

If you have a PSVR, then Hitman 3 seems like the perfect title to grab later in January. Even if you’re not that familiar with the series, you’ll be able to appreciate how much detail IO Interactive put into this installment. You could do a lot worse as far as VR titles go.

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Even if you don’t play the entire game using a PSVR headset, the option of VR is really cool and just another reason to check out Hitman 3. With VR support, new features, and enhanced graphics, this could be the best installment to date.