Hitman 3 Gets A New Feature Known As Persistent Shortcuts, Which Incentivize Exploration

Hitman 3 Gets A New Feature Known As Persistent Shortcuts, Which Incentivize Exploration
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Hitman 3 is the eighth main installment in an iconic and well-received stealth shooter series from IO Interactive. They’ve done a good job at modernizing the series, improving upon a tried and true formula, and figuring out ways to keep the series fresh.

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Fans have already been treated to several teasers for Hitman 3 leading up to its release, which is shaping up to be one of the best installments to date. It looks like the developer wants to cap off an impressive run before they pivot to other games.

Some news recently broke today regarding a new feature, referred to as persistent shortcuts. According to IO Interactive, they’re meant to keep players intrigued regardless of how many playthroughs they enjoy for a particular level and target.

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The Hitman games always reward players for their creativity. Sure, you can usually go the straight and narrow when trying to pick off targets, but the fun in this series really is being creative and using different resources to your advantage.

Persistent shortcuts really highlight this fact by giving players access to different pathways, which could include doors, elevators, and other access points. When you first walk through them, you have to go the long way. But once they are opened, they stay open and that makes it a lot easier to go to new areas on future playthroughs.

You can get a sneak peak of how the shortcuts work in the trailer up above. On paper, they should give players new ways to approach the stealth-based gameplay, as well as give them all the more reason to go back through levels they’ve previously played through to see how things could have been different.

This latest feature opens up the Hitman series even more, which is incredible to see considering how much innovation has already gone into the last couple of installments.

Only a couple of more weeks before fans can finally check out Hitman 3, which also will feature VR for added immersion. IO Interactive has a lot to be proud of regarding this series. They stuck to their roots and opened the series up at just the right times.

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Hitman 3 visually looks amazing as well. It will be intriguing to see it running on a next-gen console. With any luck, it could be the definitive way to play as Agent 47 taking out targets in unique ways around exotic locations. We’ll soon find out here shortly. Stay tuned.