New Costumes And Missions Are Headed To Hitman 2 In Celebration Of Halloween

New Costumes And Missions Are Headed To Hitman 2 In Celebration Of Halloween
Credit: HITMAN via YouTube

If you’re into stealth-based games, then you’ve probably come across a Hitman game at some point. That’s what the series is all about: Acquiring targets and figuring out creative ways to kill them without raising alarm. The latest in the long-running franchise is Hitman 2 from the developers at IO Interactive.

It’s one of the best games in the series, featuring an endless number of ways to take out targets. The game originally debuted in 2018, but it’s still receiving updates on a consistent basis. The latest update is adding a bevvy of new costumes and missions in celebration of the month of Halloween.

Considering the knack Agent 47 has for dressing up, these Halloween costumes are most appropriate. They should give users the chance to fill out his wardrobe and dress the part during this spooky season. In addition to these Halloween-themed costumes Agent 47 can unlock, there area lot of great contract additions.

Let’s start off with the Serial Killer Exclusive Target in Whittleton Creek. That’s right. There’s a serial killer on the loose near the Whittleton Creek area and it’s up to Agent 47 to put a stop to their evil ways. Players thus have added motivation more than ever before. Upon completing the contract, you’ll get to unlock the Suburban Suit along with driving gloves. The elusive target won’t be available until October 25, at which point you’ll be able to receive all of the necessary entail.

Before this elusive contract, IO Interactive is hosting a community event where users can submit their own contracts. There’s an entire thread dedicated to these submissions, which will close on October 14. The month’s theme is Trick Or Treat. To submit a contract, players have to provide their name of contract, contract ID, platform, location, description, and reasons for being considered. It seems like a great way to get the community involved in this beloved holiday season.

If you would like more details on upcoming content for the month of October– including elusive and legacy contracts — then be sure to tune into episode 8 from the IO Monthly Twitch stream. The developers will unveil more plans of their October roadmap, along with some spooky announcements.

These themed updates are always great to see in a game like Hitman 2. They give users that much more content to look forward to in addition to the base experience. IO Interactive seems keen on making this one of the best Hitman games to date. Let’s see what they do next.