Blizzard Has Fixed The Venthyr Oribos Portal In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Blizzard Has Fixed The Venthyr Oribos Portal In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Since the beta, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has had more than a few problems. And since the servers went live, a good number of those problems have continued to plague the expansion.

There’s issues no matter where you look, as there always is with new content. That isn’t to excuse the many glitches and bugs that fill the title, simply to say that it’s nothing new.

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One issue that has flown below the radars of many players is a problem only affecting those in the Venthyr covenant. With this covenant, players can open a teleportation via mirror network system to travel easier.

This includes, at a certain tier, an unlockable portal directly to Oribos. While others, such as Night Fae, can travel around their zone easier, having a portal directly to the Eternal City itself is a massive boon.

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Unfortunately, the mirror has been bugged and hasn’t actually worked to teleport players to Oribos as intended. Instead, players have found themselves unlocking this upgrade to no benefit, unable to make use of the main reason to open it.

Of course, this doesn’t affect all players – a smaller amount than usual, even. This only affects players in the Venthyr covenant that have pushed themselves towards unlocking the third tier of their teleportation network’s upgrade, which not everyone has worried about.

Mages, for instance, likely haven’t put a drop of anima towards this goal as they can already teleport directly to Oribos with their teleportation abilities. Other classes are much more likely to be making use of the teleportation network, but even then, the sample size is small.

Still, regardless of how many players may be working towards this boon, it’s obnoxious that the issue has existed for so long. Players were discussing this glitch as early as beta, and now well over a month into the expansion, many are expecting to see such issues ironed out.

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If you were looking towards making this upgrade but holding off due to the long-standing bug, it may be worth looking into now. With the bug lifted, the teleportation network is much more effective for travel, making the upgrades feel like less of a waste of anima.

The network also aids in travel around Revendreth, a notoriously annoying area to navigate due to various elevation differences and mob-filled areas. Using this network can allow you to skip much of this, making travel easier both in and out of Revendreth.