Crowdy Farm Rush Is A Farm-Themed Party Game Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Crowdy Farm Rush Is A Farm-Themed Party Game Now Available On Nintendo Switch
Credit: Nintendo EShop

Crowdy Farm Rush is an addictive indie game from Incuvo and 7levels that puts you in control of tons of stubborn animals. Today the developers announced that their puzzle party game is ported to Nintendo Switch making it available for purchase in the Nintendo Eshop.

As a farmer, you must make sure that your animals don’t collide. Race around the farm while trying to keep everything under control and clean. Experienced farmers can handle the day to day routine, but as a new face in a farm filled land you must deal with all the crazy and stubborn animals inhabiting your farmland.

All the animals have lost their way and it is up to you to bring them back. As you do, stop the farm from devolving into chaos. Lazy cows will make short work of fast chickens, and ducks must all be gathered to march in a row. Gather up your pigs and control the donkey as you try to ensure that every farm resident makes it back where they belong clean and safe.

To make matters worse a nasty coyote is looking for vulnerable animals to take away and make into dinner. Keep an eye on your flock and chase away the coyote as you manage a massively hectic puzzle game.

Draw paths for each animal to follow. No matter where you draw, the animals will walk the line you make for them. Be careful to time out their entry carefully and show them back to where they belong.

As the farm residents move across the meadow they will track mud and dirt everywhere. Make sure to control the mess and guide them to matching houses where they can rest easy knowing they are safe at home.

This title includes over 100 levels for players to challenge. Each one comes with bonus objectives helping you achieve your ranching career with gold stars. Visit other farms and work towards completing every accolade available on this title.

Once you have beat all the levels you can find a whole new set of bonus stages just waiting for you to challenge. Animals will bounce when they collide and it will be up to you to score as many points possible in this unique bonus challenge.

Bring friends int your game and beat levels together as you enjoy meadows of varying shapes and sizes. This game includes all-weather options allowing for a changing experience.

Crowdy Farm Rush is available right now on Nintendo Switch.