Ever Forward Is An Upcoming Puzzle Platformer Headed For PC On August 13

Ever Forward Is An Upcoming Puzzle Platformer Headed For PC On August 13
Credit: PatheaGames via Youtube

This title is from the same studio that created My Time at Portia. Ever Forward released its demo back in June, and now it is looking towards a full release. The game is planning a console launch in the winter, but PC fans might not have much longer to wait before getting to experience this strange world.

Enter the story of Maya, a young girl stuck between two realities. One is a beautiful world of coastal retreats and beauty. The other world is a harsh geometric dreamscape filled with traps and puzzles. This is a journey of self-discovery and reflection.

This is the journey of a young girl in a strange world. Fight between reality and imagination as you solve puzzle to help guide her into a place of self-realization.

Maya is alone and must deal with despair and hard feelings. With no one to turn to, she must unlock her memories and confront her fears in a strange geometric world. Use your observational skills and intelligence to bypass puzzles and put together Maya’s elaborate past.

The puzzles are designed to intrigue the puzzle enthusiast. Each one feels like a deep challenge and the rewards with solving them are monumental. There are multiple ways to solve multiple puzzles so try different solutions to try and defeat places that you are stuck in.

This game is a world of soothing pastels and futuristic tons. These themes mix together to give the game a unique semblance of life. Enjoy a beautiful world and as you collect fragments of memories you will unlock new areas and new puzzles.

Enjoy simplified mechanics. This game is all about simple tools and the child’s mind. As you use simple movement and basic abilities you will learn that it does not take much for a child’s world to become a reality.

This game is an adorable creation that looks into the dark corners of a child’s mind. Explore a world of imagination and learn to deal with your own situation with a child’s solution.

Ever Forward is set to release on Steam as of August 13. The game will be headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this winter. Prepare for a unique journey as you explore a world of despair, denial, love, and magic. This is a strange journey that will teach even the veteran gamer how to move forward in a painful and new experience.