Official KFC Philippines Expands Digitally Into Animal Crossing: New Horizons With Personalized Island

Official KFC Philippines Expands Digitally Into Animal Crossing: New Horizons With Personalized Island
Credit: KFC Philippines via Facebook

Brands are doing their best to stay in touch with their customers, especially during a time when many are being asked to stay home. Many are using video games, especially the Nintendo Switch which is more popular than ever, to directly connect with customers.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released on March 20. Since its release, many companies have dived into the highly customizable game. Fashion brands have released free designs for fans to access through the Able Sister’s store kiosk.

One company is giving customers a more personalized experience. The KFC branch in the Philippines has created an entire island based on the fast-food brand. It shared images of the personalized island, along with previews of a makeshift store where customers can virtually dine in, plus look at the garden where the Colonel grows the “11 herbs and spices” used to season KFC’s signature fried chicken.

KFC Island is open again today!First 20 people to message us with #KFCVirtualStore from when this is posted get the…

Posted by KFC on Friday, June 19, 2020

Not everyone can visit at once. Players have to head to the KFC Philippines Facebook page and wait until they announce their island is open. Those interested in visiting the island will have to submit a request via Facebook messenger with the hashtag #KFCVirtualStore to get a Dodo code.

Up to 20 players can reserve a spot. After all of the spots are secured, the Colonel will open the island to three players at a once for a limited time. Those who are chosen will have to wait around until they’re allowed in. Visitors have been limited to ensure everyone has a fun time.

Players will need a Nintendo Switch Online account to visit other islands online. After receiving the Dodo code, players can head to their island’s airport, go online, ask to “Visit Another Island,” and then enter the code.

There’s another delicious bonus for those who get to visit the island. If players can find the hidden Colonel Sanders on the island, they’ll receive a redemption code to receive a free eight-piece fried chicken bucket at a physical store, but only in the Philippines.

KFC is only opening its island until June 22. It’s unknown how often the company will continue to open its island to visitors, or if this was a special weekend event.

Those who are unable to visit can check out the virtual island tour video now available on the KFC Philippines Facebook page.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.