We Are Caretakers Has Become Available on PC Early Access

We Are Caretakers Has Become Available on PC Early Access
Credit: We Are The Caretakers

Heart-Shaped Games LLC announced that their sci-fi TRPG is now available for PC and Steam Early Access. The game centers around the Raun, a unique rhino-like species that are being targeted by poachers. Players are positioned to protect the species from poachers and earthbound extraterrestrials as they are an essential species in the Shadra.

Players play as the conductor who must organize units from tons of different jobs. With more than 20 classes, 70 special abilities, and real-time strategy maps this unique title mixes RPG systems with a unique turn-based combat experience. With a unique morality system and a reputation chart, this game judges player decisions and digs deep into possible history reaches.

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We Are The Caretakers is a unique sci-fi experience mixed with squad management. Players are tasked with assembling unique arcane teams and protecting the wildlife on their planets. Unite against an extraterrestrial and fight for a better future in this unique sci-fi world.

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The game gets its inspiration from Darkest Dungeon, Ogre Battle, and XCOM. Using their unique system, players will defend endangered animals using strategic turn-based combat. Define your resistance, balance your reputation, and become a true Caretaker.

This is an Afrofuturism universe brought into a strange definition. Enter a world of empathy and sci-fi concepts that will test your empathy and reputation. Every action affects how others see the Caretakers as you decide whether they support or fear you. Decide the fate of the world and dive deeper into the unknown.

The game revolves around squad building where players try to maintain 9 squads with a diverse set of traits. Learn your different operatives, train and upgrade them, and take advantage of all the unique job classes and worlds.

Enjoy a nuanced story in a morally complex world where your squad impacts different aspects of the world. You will find that the world is procedurally generated as survival mode makes a unique mix of never-ending gameplay options.

The story follows a unique mix between nature conservation and intense sci-fi action. For many fans, this title mixes two genres in a thrilling and unique way.

Enjoy a stylized art style but the game’s ranking is based on empathy and support for animal conservation. Players may become uncomfortable with scenes where animals are injured, killed, or in distress.

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We Are The Caretakers is released on Steam Early Access and available for any fans to purchase. The game is still being worked on so be aware of constant changes.