Wasteland 3’s Latest Trailer Shows Off Tactical Co-Op

Wasteland 3’s Latest Trailer Shows Off Tactical Co-Op
Credit: IGN via YouTube

If you enjoy survival games that force you to think strategically about using resources and partnering up with certain factions, then you’ve probably come to love the Wasteland games. They put ordinary citizens in tough situations when the world is on the brink of collapse.

The first two installments were amazing, featuring compelling story lines and in-depth resource management systems to master. Wasteland 3 — developed by inXile Entertainment — is looking to be just as great if not better in these departments.

Only a couple of more weeks now before fans can dive deep into a post-apocalyptic Colorado and go up against three tyrannical sons that have been corrupted by power. Before this release, though, you can check out a new trailer that was posted just a couple of days ago.

It focuses primarily on the co-op aspect of this game. Approaching a world on the brink of destruction is always difficult alone so any time co-op is offered, it’s worth taking the developer up on. Rather than having to do everything with more difficulty, a partner can shoulder the load.

It will be needed in Wasteland 3, where every decision will impact the citizens of Colorado that are at the end of the road. You and a partner can decide what to do with factions, cult leaders, and precious loot after victorious battles.

Having a helping hand looks particularly important during heated combat situations. As your partner takes heavy fire, you can lay down some rounds to give them time to move to another area. Or both of you can engage in combat at the same time, with greater success for the more powerful foes that stand in your way.

Wasteland 3 is teeming with dangerous threats ranging from cultists to well-armored monsters. Faced at a standstill in battle, you can think together as a unit and come up with sound tactics that improve your odds of survival.

Co-op is just another reason why fans are getting hyped for Wasteland 3. Any time a developer continues a franchise, there are always pressures of living up to expectations and high bars set before.

This latest installment isn’t out yet, but it looks every bit as appetizing and fun as previous games in this beloved series. From the plethora of decisions players have to make to the fun combat, Wasteland 3 looks like it will build upon a strong foundation that inXile Entertainment has perfected over the years.