Super Bomberman R Online Launches With New Battle 64 Mode On Google Stadia This Fall

Super Bomberman R Online Launches With New Battle 64 Mode On Google Stadia This Fall
Credit: Stadia via YouTube

Google Stadia has officially announced that Konami‘s Super Bomberman R Online is coming to its platform later this year. The title is the newest installment in the long-running Bomberman series but has some changes from the regular Super Bomberman R version.

Super Bomberman R was first launched on the Nintendo Switch in March 2017 as a launch title for the new console. A little over a year in June 2018, the game was released on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The official Stadia YouTube channel released a short 90-second trailer announcing the news. The trailer shows off some of the gameplay, characters, and features in the game. The Stadia version will focus more on online multiplayer compared to Super Bomberman R.

One of the highlighted features is the unique “Battle 64” mode. In this mode, players are automatically placed in one of many arenas in the game. Players will have to fight hard against other players to make it to the next area. There’s a short time limit, so players have an extra challenge standing in the way. Those who are fortunate enough to make it to the last stage will have to fight against other players to be the last one standing.

Although only teased in the trailer and YouTube thumbnail, many characters from other Konami characters will be joining the game as custom Bomber skins. These were previously released with Super Bomberman R as free updates. They include Pyramid Head and the Nurse from the Silent Hill series, Solid Snake and Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid series, Vic Viper from Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner, and many more.

Another upcoming feature is allowing players to join their favorite streamers in “Crowd Play.” By clicking an active link, players can seamlessly join the steamer’s current game with no delay.

Super Bomberman R Online also allows players to customize their Bomberman with different outfits and a bomb that has a unique blast.

It’s unknown if Super Bomberman R Online will contain all of the content from the initial release of Super Bomberman R. The Story Mode told a new story where Bomberman heroes join together to take down the Evil Emperor Buggler. The original featured both Solo and either local or online multiplayer mode with up to 8 players. The title also contained a classic Battle Mode plus a new Grand Prix Mode that focused on team play.

Unfortunately, the official release date isn’t yet known, but the release window is near. Konami and Stadia will release the date very soon. Those anxious to try out the game can still play it on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Super Bomberman R Online launches on the Google Stadia this Fall.