The Google Stadia Storefront Has Already Been Stopped Operating

The Google Stadia Storefront Has Already Been Stopped Operating
Credit: ign

Every client who has bought hardware from the Google Store or any games or add-ons from the Stadia Store will be given a refund from Google. This news came somewhat of a surprise earlier today when Google announced that it would be closing down its cloud gaming service, Stadia.

The service will continue to be available until January 18 of the following year, but after that, it will be discontinued permanently. Unfortunately, however, it has been found that the shop for the Stadia service has already been shut down. Thus, at this time, Google does not want you to purchase anything additional through the Stadia store.

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The Twitter user @stopskeletons discovered that Google appears to have abruptly closed the Stadia storefront with no prior warning, even though the service will continue to operate for a few more months. When customers approach the store, they are met with a brief announcement that states, “Stadia will cease operations on January 18, 2023.” The Stadia store has been permanently shut down. The user says that even though they can continue downloading games as part of their Pro subscription, it appears that in the future, nobody will be able to purchase any additional titles.

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As was indicated earlier, it appears that Google did not provide consumers or developers with any notice that the shop had been shut down. It is not proven, but it is believed that the reason for the closure is that the company did not want to collect cash from customers since it knew it would have to instantly reimburse the money just a few months after receiving it. However, it is a shame that the developers who had exclusive games on the platform do not appear to have been informed that their games have been removed from the platform. This is a significant setback for those creators.