Toy Story Was Recreated In Halo: Infinite’s Forge Mode

Toy Story Was Recreated In Halo: Infinite’s Forge Mode
Credit: ign

One of the players in the Halo Infinite community meticulously replicated Andy’s bedroom from Toy Story, which features an insanely high degree of attention to detail. Toy Story is one of those movies that has managed to stick in people’s memories for various reasons, including its gorgeous animation and visuals, innovative characters, and many memorable lines.

Andy’s room is another highlight because it was virtually a kid’s fantasy bedroom due to its vibrant nature, piles of unique toys, and several other features. In addition, Pixar was able to crank out a few sequels that went on to quickly make billions of dollars, all thanks to the popularity of the first picture, which was set in a one-of-a-kind location that turned out to be a great success for the animation studio.

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Interestingly enough, Halo Infinite is where its legacy is being carried on now. Red Nomster, the developer of Forge, reportedly redesigned Andy’s room in Halo Infinite. Kotaku discovered this. It is an exact reproduction of the original to the point that one could not wish for anything more.

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It contains several bases that players can use if they desire to use the map for actual custom game matches, which may allow for some very interesting games of Big Team Battle. The map includes a variety of elements that are typical of Andy’s room, such as a red lamp that can knock Buzz Lightyear out of the window, Hot Wheels tracks that players can slide down, a Jenga tower that can be collapsed, and various Toy Story characters, such as Slinky and the little green aliens. This is a wonderfully creative way to use Forge, and it just goes to show how much potential there is for the mode once it is released officially for all players before the end of this year.