Star Renegades Is A Turn-Based RPG Headed To Xbox And Nintendo Switch Fans

Star Renegades Is A Turn-Based RPG Headed To Xbox And Nintendo Switch Fans
Credit: Massive Damage Inc

Star Renegades released rather quietly but turned out to be a good-looking title with some exciting tactical action. The title has successfully been received on Steam and now the game is planning to is Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5 launch. Once it jumps to all mainstream platforms it will be given a fair shot to earn its place among a dedicated gaming community.

The title has been on PC for quite awhile and it has had generally high reviews. The title has a unique pixel-art style that makes the game look stunning while the difficulty remains relativley daunting. Players can enjoy a tactical experience and thrilling story about rebellion on the highest level.

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In Star Renegades, players can enjoy a unique rogue-lite experience mixed with a strategy RPG. Challenge tough bosses and learn how to outsmark all your adverasries while still forging bonds and friendships among the many heroes within the title.

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Fight for survival as you travel across a procedurally generated mission-based campaign and enjoy a unique tactical turn-based battle system that is full of interrupts and counters. Fight against the Intelligent Adverasry system that continues to improve as your strategy becomes more and more defined.

Play as a band of heroes who fight against an invading imperium of robotic trouble. Fight through multiple diminsion as each loss is considered the end of that world. Each dimension bring sunique challenges allowing this game to never unfold the same way twice.

Survive a relentless onslaught of enemies as you unlock dozens of characters. Form bonds, create children, and fight for the future of the world through an evolving war experience.

The goal of the game is to battle to the heart of the entire empire and crush the Imperium for good. Fight in each playthrough with randomized events, procedurally generated missions, ever changing priorities and enemies that learn from their mistakes. This is a game about evolution and survive as the fight is brought to the highest form of law in the land.

Enjoy a deep story with unique and shifting lore. This is a strange experience overall that any RTS or strategy fan is sure to find at least mildly entertaining.

This game is great for most ages. IT is a strategy game so expect narrative pauses among the ongoing action experience.

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Star Renegades is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch. The title plans a nearby port to PS4 and PS5 within the near future.