She Can STEM And Ad Council Host A Virtual Concert Within Minecraft, Featuring Singer-Songwriter Ruth B.

She Can STEM And Ad Council Host A Virtual Concert Within Minecraft, Featuring Singer-Songwriter Ruth B.
Credit: She Can STEM Via YouTube

Minecraft is a highly popular game that has seen a significant rise in active monthly players; Minecraft currently has up to 132 million active monthly players, a fantastically sized player base for singers and any company looking to host a virtual concert or meeting.

Some companies like Disclose and Elsewhere have taken advantage of this large player base effectively by recreating their club in Minecraft, allowing players to get a similar experience to going to the actual club while still maintaining the current quarantine.

Disclose made a Minecraft map less a concert and is instead an immersive experience for their third studio album release, which is called “Energy.”

As a part of their newest and most experimental Dare to STEM campaign, She Can Stem and the Ad Council has hosted a virtual concert within Minecraft due to the current quarantine.

The Concert was designed to help bridge the gender gap in science, technology, engineering, and math fields, which is more commonly called STEM.

The total Concert was forty-three minutes, which was on September 19th; at the opening, Ruth B. performed a total of ten songs from within Minecraft.

If anyone wanted to see the video after the fact, they did record the entire Concert and posted it to the She Can STEM YouTube channel.

One interesting fact about the concert stage is that Minecraft Java edition players could try five different STEM challenges to help build parts of the concert stage to win a ticket to the Concert instead of having to purchase the ticket.

Twitch Content Creators even got into these challenges; streamers like Shubble, FalseSymmetry, GamingMermaid and Strawburry17, all posted video tutorials to show their STEM skills in various forms ranging from fireworks displays, light shows, and even more!

Rowena Patrick, The Senior Vice President, and Group Campaign Director at the Ad Council, stated, “STEM has a reputation for being intimidating and reserved for those who ‘have a knack for it,’ but the reality is that STEM is for everyone brave enough to roll up their sleeves and dive in. Through the latest iteration of our She Can STEM campaign, we’re celebrating the spirit of experimentation and inspiring girls to dare to STEM – and what better way to do that than by hosting a virtual concert in Minecraft? Ultimately, this event was intended to make STEM feel cool, culturally relevant, and accessible to girls, no matter where they are in their STEM journeys.”