Disclosure Has Not Only A Virtual Concert In Minecraft, But Also An Immersive Experience

Disclosure Has Not Only A Virtual Concert In Minecraft, But Also An Immersive Experience
Credit: Disclosure

Minecraft is a vastly popular game that has a large active monthly player base. Clubs and concerts have leveraged this large active player base, and some examples are ElseWither and The Electric Blockaloo. The Electric Blockaloo concert had significant technical issues that led to the concert being postponed.

The British electronic duo, Disclosure, has announced that they will be offering a virtual concert using Minecraft, but unlike other concerts, this concert will provide an immersive experience. Minecraft has been utilized by a variety of different clubs or bands during this pandemic and quarantine. Disclosure is planning to use Minecraft in a different way.

Not only will players get to enjoy the duo’s music but also enjoy playing through Minecraft in a new and inventive way that offers a new experience for even seasoned Minecraft players. This event will consider with the release of their third studio album, which is called “Energy.”

This Minecraft universe will be available for one week and used a total of 105,851,972 blocks. Fans can explore the landscape, which includes rolling hills and dark caverns.

While players are traversing these locations, they can unlock up to three underground clubs that are inspired by some of the places that Disclosure has played.

To find these clubs, players will need to look for clues that are littered throughout this fantastic and expansive world.

The first location that was released in the introduction trailer was Guys Kitchen, and This is where Disclosure has been live streaming DJ sets from for these past few months during the quarantine and pandemic.

According to Rolling Stone, The other two available clubs are based on London’s Printworks and Ibiza’s DC10. Both of these locations are places that Disclosure has performed in the past. The “Energy” world will offer a soundtrack by both some material from their upcoming album as well as the Discography.

In this world, there is a total of Thirteen records that features 8-bit versions of Disclosure’s greatest hits. This fictional universe of “Energy” will significantly evolve throughout time. These 8-bit versions are perfect for the Minecraft players that love to collect the records in Minecraft.

Disclosure has stated that this world will evolve through time as a reference to their new album themes of environmental restoration.