El Hijo – A Wild West Tale Is On Its Way To PC And Stadia As Of December 3rd

El Hijo – A Wild West Tale Is On Its Way To PC And Stadia As Of December 3rd
Credit: Steam XO

A fun looking spaghetti-western looks like it’s on its way to PC and Stadia audiences this December. This unique game is a Mexico based title that has players wreaking havoc and mischief across the west armed only with a slingshot. Prepare for a unique showdown as you enjoy a fun family-friendly outlaw adventure perfect for the whole family.

Guide a unique child hero through an immersive world as you stealth through dangerous encounters and experience things from the point of view of a child. This is a quest of liberation, exploration, and self-definition as you become a hero of the west in a rather non-violent way.

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Enter El Hijo – A Wild West Tale as you take the role of a 6-year-old boy on an epic quest to find his mother. This is a game about stealth, adventure, and love as you enter a unique spaghetti-western style experience.

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As a six-year-old child, you must sneak past danger as you overcome adult challenges. This means that you must have self-confidence, cunning, and more to survive the wild west. Enter into a remote monastery, an unforgiving stretch of desert, and a frontier town full of crime and villainy.

This is a wild west style adventure told in a non-violent way. Instead of violence players use mischievous, playful, and innocent traits found only in small children. This is a game about hiding when needed, and being brave when it matters most.

Survive the wild west with only your wit to guide you. Traverse through the dark monasteries, the empty desert, and the infamous boomtowns of the old west.

As you explore each environment you must hide from people in the shadows and move constantly. It is not safe in the wild for someone your age, and only by careful planning can you hope to achieve your goals.

Solve tricky puzzle environments by using your playful arsenal of toys and tricks. Inspire other children as you mark your path towards freedom and do what no other child has done before. This is a gripping narrative revolving around a brave childs search for his long lost mother.

This game is great for families and children of all ages. Although it does contain violence, players solve problems in a peaceful and childish fashion unique to a game of this style.

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El Hijo – A Wild West Tale is set to release on STeam as of December 3 from Honig Studios.