Sneaky Said That He Might Be Returning To Professional Play For The Next Year In League Of Legends

Sneaky Said That He Might Be Returning To Professional Play For The Next Year In League Of Legends
Credit: Cloud9

Legendary AD carry Sneaky stepped away from professional League of Legends in January. At the time, he said it wasn’t a “permanent retirement,” though, and suggested he might return to the LCS one day because he still has the “competitive drive.”

And that day might be getting closer, according to Sneaky’s recent interview with Travis Gafford. He said he’s exploring pro play opportunities for next year but isn’t sure if anyone wants to pick him up.

“Next year, for sure looking, not guaranteed joining or anything,” Sneaky said. “Maybe nobody wants me, I don’t know.”

With the 2020 World Championship just around the corner, Sneaky also pointed out that this is going to be his first time watching all of the Worlds matches. “I’m excited to actually watch Worlds this year with no stress compared to previous years where we were usually doing something as a team, and I missed a lot of matches,” he said.

Sneaky said he doesn’t “feel jealous” when he watches competitive League matches, though. “When I see some strange situations, I ask myself what is going on in here,” he said. “I still watch bad teams though.”

If Sneaky makes his return to competitive play, it’s unclear which team would want him. The top four teams in the LCS have strong ADCs in Tactical, Doublelift, WildTurtle, and Zven. Sneaky would most likely have to settle for a lower-tier team and prove that he still has what it takes to compete at a top level before getting the opportunity to join a top-tier squad in NA.

Sneaky has always been one of the most popular players in the region. He has thousands of viewers on a consistent basis on Twitch, and while his streaming career has seemingly been successful, it likely hasn’t satisfied his drive to compete.

Sneaky had a strong showing in his last competitive year in NA, securing second in the 2019 LCS Spring and Summer Splits. But C9’s World Championship appearance left a lot to be desired. They failed to get out of the Worlds group stage for the first time since 2015.

Seeing him back in LCS would be a breath of hope, considering how dominant he was during his professional career. He always made Worlds on Cloud9 and while he got outperformed by other ADCs sometimes, he was quite reliable, securing good standings for Cloud9 overall. While it’s unclear which team would need an upgrade currently, the offseason will tell us more.