G2 Esports Start The LEC 2020 Season With Success After Roleswapping Perkz With Caps

G2 Esports Start The LEC 2020 Season With Success After Roleswapping Perkz With Caps
Credit: Riot Games via Youtube

When G2 Esports started hinting at another role-swap in the offseason, everyone looked at them with doubt, knowing that they are constantly joking.

A week ago this role swap was confirmed by both Perkz and Caps themselves in an interview and so the community was shocked.

Caps has played Senna in the first game of LEC 2020 and Xayah in the second game and delivered in both of them. In the first game, he finished with 9 kills/0 deaths/12 assists, while Perkz played Qiyana and finished with 5 kills/1death/7 assists. In the second game, Caps ended with an 8 kills/2 deaths/8 assists score, while Perkz finished with 1 kill/0 deaths/15 assists.

Overall, both players performed extraordinarily well. While no one expected Perkz to fail in mid-lane, people doubted wherever Caps would be able to build synergy in the bottom-lane alongside Mikyx.

While the first game against MAD Lions was shaky and G2 Esports had to improve quite fast to come back into the game, the second game looked more stable and controlled against SK Gaming. Both Jankos and Mikyx heavily improved compared to yesterday and delivered great play.

G2 Esports are looking to establish themselves as the greatest Western organization in League of Legends, their recent decisions while seeming insane at the start, have been very successful in the long-term. The skill ceiling of every single player is just way above everyone else in the League.

While Jankos was known before during his time on H2K as a choker during important matches, he has fixed this issue and has been performing really well both in local and international events, with small exceptions. He has mentioned a couple of times on his stream that the finals against Fun Plus Phoenix were the hardest match of his career, he felt suffocated due to the pressure from the Chinese Champions, and he did his best to maintain a calm and focused mind.

Wunder has been regarded as one of the best top laners in the West during his time on Splyce, he has kept his abilities when he transitioned to G2 Esports, but sometimes he has some off games as well.

If G2 Esports maintain the current success, then they might get a second shot at the World Championship belt this year, unless the rookies of LEC upset them. Even though a lot of moves have happened in LEC, G2 Esports look to remain the best team of the League by far.