Akaadian Said That Dignitas Won’t Be Running A 6-man Roster For The 2020 LCS Summer Split

Akaadian Said That Dignitas Won’t Be Running A 6-man Roster For The 2020 LCS Summer Split
Credit: Dignitas via YouTube

Dignitas jungler Akaadian confirmed last night that the League of Legends team will be hosting a week-long tryout among all the players signed to the organization heading into the Summer Split. This will be used to see which players are best for Dignitas’ LCS roster and who will be sent to the Academy team, according to Akaadian.

As a result, it isn’t guaranteed that newly-acquired jungler Dardoch will be starting in the LCS. He’ll have to earn his spot, just like every other player in the organization.

The tryout will consist of all the players competing with each other in scrims for one week. Afterward, the coaching staff will make a decision on which five players performed well enough to play on Dignitas’ main team. It’s a fair way for each player to prove their worth and show that they belong.

Akaadian also compared this process to what happened on his former team, TSM, where he split scrim and stage time with another jungler. On Dignitas, there won’t be any confusion. One player will be on the LCS team and the other player will start in Academy.

The 23-year-old jungler joined Dignitas at the end of 2019 after a rocky period with TSM. He constantly switched out of the main lineup with Grig, which caused the team to struggle to build meaningful synergy with both players.

With this latest change, Dardoch has now been on five different teams over the last three years. During his most recent stint with TSM, he had 33 kills, 115 assists, and the seventh-most deaths in the LCS.

In fact, the team was inconsistent during the Spring Split. They lost a few matches against below 0.500 teams but were also the only roster to beat Cloud9. As a result, TSM finished in fifth place in the regular season and eventually lost to FlyQuest in the second round of the playoff losers bracket.

Dardoch will now join a team featuring veteran talent like Aphromoo and Froggen, as well as a young, hungry ADC in Johnsun. The only hole that Dignitas management needs to fill is the top lane since the team said it’d allow former star Huni to explore other opportunities in April.

While Dardoch didn’t have the greatest split, he was a reliable jungle so it’s surprising that TSM decided to replace him just after one split. It’s surprising TSM keeps replacing their members after just one split. With this progress it’s unlikely we will get to see TSM participate at international tournaments since other teams keep their members and develop them instead of throwing them out after one split. It’s interesting to see how will TSM fare after all this drama in LCS’s Summer Split, considering the hatred from the community. With the split a month away from now, we might get to see the kitchen of other teams as well so stay tuned for more information in the next days.

The 2020 LCS Summer Split begins on June 12.