New Call Of Duty: Warzone Bug Allows For Multiple Juggernaut Drops

New Call Of Duty: Warzone Bug Allows For Multiple Juggernaut Drops
Credit: Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Warzone gamers are experiencing a brand-new problem that permits groups to replicate Juggernaut decreases. This allows groups to possibly have 4 Juggernauts simultaneously, which is practically difficult to respond to. Do not be shocked to see numerous Juggernauts in your following suit.

Juggernaut decreases are among the toughest decreases readily available in Warzone. This upgrade permits a fortunate gamer to make use of the Juggernaut fit that dramatically enhances their wellness and also makes it virtually difficult to pass away. They additionally get to the minigun, which can promptly get rid of lorries and also gamers.

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The brand-new problem permits gamers to replicate the Juggernaut decline, permitting whole groups to be outfitted with Juggernaut fits. Finishing the problem is straightforward as gamers just require a Juggernaut decrease and also killstreak.

Gamers need to switch in between both things, and also with the correct timing, the Juggernaut decline will certainly replicate rather than being changed. This can be difficult to master, yet with an adequate method, gamers can conveniently duplicate the pest.

Warzone gamers have actually reported groups with numerous Juggernauts in their suits that make it exceptionally challenging to endure. One gamer experienced a complete group of Juggernauts, and also an additional experienced 9 Juggernauts in among the last circles.

Content creators on YouTube and Twitch have been making guides and videos on how the glitch works. One Reddit user comments, “New glitch allows you to clone jugg drops, and streamers have just started to make videos about how to do it. This game gets worse every day. Just a bunch of 15 year olds dripping sweat looking for easy cheese wins.”

This is considerable trouble in Warzone as well as damages the speed as well as gameplay of the video game. Infinity Ward has not formally identified the issue, yet the designers will likely repair the bug in a future patch.

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Developers Infinity Ward has just released the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on November 13 of this year. And though fans and critics have relatively received the new game well, fans of the older Warzone can only hope that the team has not forgotten the title. The said game was just released the first quarter of this year, and, though not much has passed on since, in the world of video and of the Call of Duty franchise, this is considered an aging game already.

However, Warzone has received better reception from its player base compared to the newer title. The free-to-play battle royale game has a 93% positive rating on its Google reviews. It is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.