Seven Doors Is A Newly Released Indie Puzzle Adventure Available On Steam

Seven Doors Is A Newly Released Indie Puzzle Adventure Available On Steam
Credit: Indigo Studios via Youtube

A new first-person experience has been released onto Steam. Enjoy unique indie puzzles and riddles in Seven Doors that will challenge even the most veteran puzzle solvers. Experience seven distinct atmospheres that will enchant the player into a strange and mysterious world.

This newly launched title will be an adventure for puzzle fans everywhere. A new perspective will be needed to solve many of the problems within this title, and only the most creative will make it to the very end.

Enter the world of Seven Doors which is filled with riddles, secret languages, and more. This is a game filled with mystery, atmosphere, and surprises just waiting to test your skills and challenge your intuition.

Behind each of the seven doors is a challenge waiting to be solved. Each door presents a unique challenge that will test a very specific set of skills. The creators of the challenge are waiting behind the last door, where everything should be made clear to the player.

You will be challenged with dangerous and spooky situations. From puzzles to becoming part of a giant chess game, players will have to expect the unexpected if they are to make it through all of these challenges.

This is a perfect two or three hours of puzzle-solving fun. Take on the challenges by yourself or bring your friends along for an evening of puzzle-solving fun.

This is not a game with a story or plot. All that this contains are the puzzles, you, and seven doors. Can you make it to the end? Or will the puzzles prove to be too much of a challenge?

One of the more exciting aspects of this title is how each puzzle gives a different style of problem-solving. While some are logic issues, others are more about spacial awareness or simple thinking.

In the background of the puzzle experience is a great soundtrack that fans appreciate. It is not distracted and seems to fit the environment as you go from door to door. Seven atmospheres, seven challenges, seven solutions await the brave players who enter this unique challenge.

Seven Doors is available on Steam already. The game is offering a special 30% discount until July 3rd for any interested fans. This is a great challenge for even the most advanced puzzle solvers. As you continue through each level you will find that unexpected surprises and challenges are always around every corner.