Missing: The Complete Saga Is A 3D Open-World RPG Which Is Coming To Steam

Missing: The Complete Saga Is A 3D Open-World RPG Which Is Coming To Steam
Credit: Steam XO

From India-based developer Flying Robot Studios comes a unique life simulation-style game titled Missing: The Complete Saga. This reality-based 3D experience is set in a rural Indian village in a remote and impoverished region. Players will follow the journey of a young girl who seems to be in a rough spot, but player choices can help her make a better life.

Enter into a story filled with brave and courageous characters that dream of breaking the chains of human trafficking. Find your place in the world as you explore your own character and build skills that may or may not help you in the future. This is an RPG experience that deals with some tough realities in the real world.

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In Missing The Complete Saga, players will take a journey to fight against nefarious circumstances. There are tons to unpack in this title as its design, story, and features are in a class of its own. This may be one of the rare instances where a game moves past entertainment and evolves into something else.

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Players will get to manage their own character, inventory, skills, and more as they complete daily tasks. Follow the in-game day/night cycle as you complete tasks based on events happening around you.

As you grow up, these tasks will start to change. Players have free opportunity to explore the village, take on alternative tasks, and learn brand new skills. Every skill in this title has a purpose and it is up to players to harness those skills.

Create your own story through an open-ended gameplay narrative. This is an open world and it is up to the players to find the nuanced details inside that can give life to the character and those around them.

This is a chance to immerse into the society and culture of a rural indian village. Carefully reflect upon the many Indian rural environments and traditions that the developer has preserved within this title.

This is a game without puzzles, combat, or violence. Players can make life choices that are built to have a satisfying result and will not make players feel attacked, stuck, or frustrated.

This titles full interactive skill tree and inventory mixed with the player stats create a unique situation for every playthrough. Learn about the world, become part of the world, and find your way back if you go missing.

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Missing The Complete Saga has no release date as of yet but there is a Steam page live for those who want to wishlist this title.