Resident Evil Village Has New Gameplay Footage Out Now

Resident Evil Village Has New Gameplay Footage Out Now
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

For Resident Evil fans, Resident Evil Village is looking like an intriguing installment. It’s picking up after the events in Resident Evil 7, which featured Ethan Winters looking for his long-lost wife Mia. The game was well-received and distinct for its first-person visuals, which were complimented with VR support.

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Village puts Ethan in a more ancient setting, with castles, forests, and mythical beasts. We’ve seen glimpses of what’s in store in a couple of trailers already. There’s a new one out now from the PlayStation 5 reveal event featuring tennis star Naomi Osaka.

The footage isn’t the longest, but it does show some actual gameplay. The village is front and center in the trailer. Snow is everywhere and so is a lot of mystery. There’s something strange about this village that you’ll soon discover the further along you get as Ethan.

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Osaka mentions the adaptive features for the PS5 controller. When she goes over structures or performs certain actions like sliding, the adaptive triggers create vibrations. That sounds like a promising element for this horror title, where tension is complimented with every vibration.

Not surprising are the first-person visuals. Capcom seems to have enjoyed the feedback they received in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. There are some that prefer the third-person visuals like the ones featured in the remakes, but first-person works well for Village. It should make the immersive experience better, especially for those that have the pleasuring of playing on a next-gen console.

The rest of the sequences show Ethan moving around in confined spaces, searching for items, and trying to stay away from deadly threats. If you enjoyed Biohazard, Village looks to be more of the same if not better.

It has the same mechanics and the fact that Ethan is the star once again has a lot of people excited. Where is his journey taking him and what exactly will happen to him in this town? These questions will be answered when Resident Evil Village releases later in 2021.

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This latest footage doesn’t give a lot of content to break down, but it shows off a beautiful game with a lot of lore that fans will surely have the pleasure of digging deeper into. Capcom has done a lot of great things with the franchise as of late and this continuation of the main story should keep fans excited about what’s to come. Check out the trailer above if you want to see Village’s potential thus far.