Igdrasil Studio’s JRPG War of Ashird Demo Delayed With New Release Timeframe Planned For Late January To Mid-February

Igdrasil Studio’s JRPG War of Ashird Demo Delayed With New Release Timeframe Planned For Late January To Mid-February
Credit: War of Ashird Official Website

In a recent Kickstarter campaign update, Igdrasil Studio has announced War of Ashird has been delayed. The game was initially planned to launch a demo sooner but is now being postponed until late-January or mid-February at the latest.

The developer explains that they want to make the best experience possible for everyone. They want to showcase certain features, but that wasn’t possible at the original release date at the end of November.

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The developer also announced additional work in progress for the game that influenced the decision for the delay. They include updating the source code to add features from the Kickstarter stretch goal. UI extensions, which will be explained further in a January post, were also implemented. The most important changes went towards the world map and map navigation.

The system for plot and story scenes have been improved and extended. Also briefly covered were a New Game+ mode, a previously promised Demonic Route, Prologue section, and background effects that include wind, snow, and sunlight.

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Testing sprite animations will also be included, but they may not be in the final release. The announcement also contained a 3D model presentation of Battle Valkyrie Patricia. She is shown in a turntable style, with a closeup of her face. Also displayed are her swords in both silver and gold. The announcement was followed by an extensive Q and A from Kickstarter backers.

War of Ashird relaunched their Kickstarter earlier this year and successfully funded the campaign. The game is a JRG where players can own land and become lord of a castle, recruit over 20 playable characters, and engage in strategic battles.

Players can also venture forth and visit 20 different cities, with each having its own story, character events, and guild quests. If players manage to explore them all, they may uncover some mysteries.

The gameplay consists of a combination of turn-based and grid-based RPGs. Players can command their soldiers in strategic battles and conquer the territories of other kingdoms.

While the Kickstarter campaign is over, those interested in the game can continue to contribute to the project on Kumiko Soft’s website. The developer is also listening to feedback from backers and answering any questions on the campaign page with each update.

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The demo for War of Ashird is now scheduled to launch in late January and mid-February at the latest. The game is still planned to launch for PC sometime in 2021.