Highly Detailed Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon And Claire Statues Announced But Cost Over $1K Each

Highly Detailed Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon And Claire Statues Announced But Cost Over $1K Each
Credit: Prime 1 Studio via YouTube

Prime 1 Studio has announced two highly detailed statues of the playable protagonists from Capcom’sResident Evil 2, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Both characters are styled after their RE2 remake appearances.

The statue of Leon Kennedy has the rookie police officer standing on the top of the department’s stars. He’s aiming his handgun at an approaching officer, who has already turned into one of the undead. Leon is wearing his full police gear, the W-870 shotgun with additional accessories on his back, and has a stern expression on his face.

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Claire Redfield’s statue is similar. She is wearing her new outfit from Resident Evil 2 remake and wielding the W-870 shotgun. Claire also stands at the top of the stairs and fires at a civilian who has turned. Her hair has been carefully recreated, making it appear close to the game’s graphics.

Both statues can be placed together to make it appear that Leon and Claire are standing almost back-to-back. By both of their feet are additional firearm accessories, such as ammo and containers. At the bottom of the stairs in open spaces are hands reaching out towards the living. Both statues do contain some gory content not suitable for all audiences.

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Since the statues are part of the “Ultimate Premium Masterline,” they are quite expensive at over $1,000 each. The studio is offering a $75 discount for those who purchase both statues together to complete the diorama.

The store page has prototype samples shown, but these photos will look very close to the finished products. The statues will stand at almost two feet tall and 20 inches wide. Together, the diorama will stand around 40 inches wide, so fans will need plenty of room to display these high-quality statues. They weigh around 46 pounds each and are made from polystone and other materials.

The studio has also uploaded three videos detailing the statue. One video focuses on Leon, while the other focuses on Claire. The third video shows both statues placed together to form a complete diorama.

The Resident Evil 2 remake was initially released in early 2019. The game was a complete overhaul of the original 1998 title. For those who already played the game, they could experience Raccoon City once again with high-quality graphics, the story told in a new way, and additional non-canon side stories in “Ghost Survivors.”

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The Ultimate Premium Masterline Resident Evil 2 remake statues of Leon and Claire are available to preorder now. The statues are scheduled to begin shipping in early 2022.