Grounded’s November Update, Also Referred To As The Pond Update, Is The Biggest Yet

Grounded’s November Update, Also Referred To As The Pond Update, Is The Biggest Yet
Credit: Obsidian via YouTube

Obdisian’s Grounded is receiving its next big update in November, and while the monthly deliveries of content have kept the game feeling fresh, this Pond Update sounds like it will take the game up another level. To make sure everything is ready in November, there will be no October update.

As the name suggests, the Pond Update is all about bringing the largely lifeless pond to life in the Grounded garden. There’s a giant Koi Fish (yes, it will eat you), three new creatures to discover, and lots of new areas and interesting additions to the landscape of the game.

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The content updates for Grounded are all about expanding on the base world of the garden. There have already been changes to some areas of the map, as well as new creatures added, but this Pond Update makes some sizable changes.

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First up, the pond itself. Now referred to as the Koi Pond, you’re bound to find some fish. There are also Diving Bell Spiders, Tadpoles, Water Boatmen, and Water Fleas to discover, each with their own behaviors and uses.

Yes, that’s right – not only will the Koi Fish try and eat you, there are also new water spiders to add to the frights and jump scares of Grounded. You can also hunt the Tadpoles swimming around the pond.

Along with the new creatures, there are a bunch of new materials and crafting materials that allow you to expand your arsenal of tools and weapons. You can also build new items to decorate your base and make a home away from home.

There are some key items to focus on including the Flippers, which help you swim, Koi Scale Armor, hardy armor rewarded to you if you can slay the fish, and a Diving Mask that makes it easier to explore underwater.

The Pond Update for Grounded will be released in November, probably around the same time that the new Xbox releases. Grounded will receive boosted performance and upgrades for the next-gen consoles, so expect it to be a popular launch title!

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Grounded’s November update will be the largest update yet for Obsidian’s title, which released to vastly positive reviews a couple of months ago. Obsidian has promised that the game will continue to receive updates, with a lot left to be added to the game while in its early access period.