Finish Line Games Release Extended Gameplay Trailer For Skully Before PC And Console Launch On August 4

Finish Line Games Release Extended Gameplay Trailer For Skully Before PC And Console Launch On August 4
Credit: Skelly via Steam

Publisher Modus Games and developer Finish Line Games recently released an extended gameplay trailer showcasing some of the features in their upcoming game Skully. The game is planned to launch on consoles and PC in early August.

The video specifically focuses on showing the protagonist’s abilities. They include running across the island paradise, hopping across stone pathways, and twisting through caverns filled with red-hot lava. Skully always manages to find a way past these obstacles, either alone or with its friend Terry.

Skully is the story of a skull that was brought back to life. The powerful being behind its resurrection wants to save an island from the devastation caused by Terry and his siblings. The fighting has become so bad that the quarrels threaten to split the entire island apart. It’s up to Skully to work with Terry and bring peace back to the island.

Players have to use a variety of skills throughout the game to learn what led to the quarreling in the first place.

The game contains seven distinct ecosystems and 18 different levels, all with diverse environments to travel through. Each place has unlockable puzzles, new locals to meet, and tricky platforming to overcome. Skully can transform into three different forms to overcome various challenges and defeat enemies, but can also hop, skip, and roll around. Mastering these issues will be vital to surviving the island’s hazards.

After the action, there is fully voiced dialog and cutscenes to bring the story to life.

Players who want to follow the development of Skully can follow Modus Games on social media, join its official Discord server, or add the game to their wishlists on Steam.

The developer, Finish Line Games, is an indie development studio based in Canada in 2013. The studio has created a variety of games for all types of games since the studio was founded.

Skully will not only be released digitally across all platforms, but the console releases will launch physically as well. The physical editions are available to pre-order now. There are no special collectors edition, and the physical editions are just the box with the game.

Skully launches on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on August 4.