Don’t Be Afraid Is Available On Steam Placing Players In A Very Realistic Nightmare Experience

Don’t Be Afraid Is Available On Steam Placing Players In A Very Realistic Nightmare Experience
Credit: Don’t Be Afraid Steam XO

Enter into the world of an 11-year old boy who has been kidnapped by a psychopath. Players must keep their cool as they navigate a unique horror environment in Don’t Be Afraid. Navigate the halls, learn the truth behind your kidnapper, and try to escape as you find yourself trapped in the house of a killer.

This title builds upon the prologue released earlier in the year. Don’t Be Afraid: The First Toy is a prologue of the kidnapper’s first victim, and it is free to download with a 92% positive score among the Steam community. As Don’t Be Afraid comes to a full release, players must be prepared to stand against a horror show meant to make you suffer.

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Don’t Be Afraid allows you to play as a young boy who has been kidnapped by a psychopath. Survive your encounters, escape the house, and learn the secret of what is really going on.

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You are the victim of a child killer, and the house is full of puzzles waiting to be solved. Break the system, end the nightmare, and find out how and when you were kidnapped. As you navigate the halls of the manor, you will constantly be tortured while an unknown entity watches with pure excitement.

This places players in the perspective of a child which gives a unique view of the world around you. Things that are normally safe are scary, and the unknown only drive the fear deeper as the game progresses.

The game comes with three different endings depending on how players perceive and interact with the story. Immerse into the world of the kidnapper as you explore hidden secrets, find surprises, and learn the truth of your kidnapped experience.

Players must use their wits to stop dangerous enemies, each with their own set of skills. This is a bleak and dark environment that spans over a dozen locations. Explore the house and slowly uncover exactly what is going on.

As you seek information you will be greeted with mysterious notes, documents, and more that reveal the story of the house and its many residents. This is a unique horror experience that is sure to frighten and enchant genre fans.

As a horror title this game is not suitable for younger audiences. Players are advised that the game includes frequent gore and violence, mature content, and horror themes. Prepare to be left among the fallen as you succumb to the wishes of a sadistic killer.

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Don’t Be Afraid is available on Steam. The prologue can also be found on Steam free of charge for players who want a taste of the full horror experience.