Minecraft Dungeons: Chills And Thrills Seasonal Event Is Live

Minecraft Dungeons: Chills And Thrills Seasonal Event Is Live
Credit: Minecraft.net

Minecraft Dungeons has been updated and had three DLCs added into the game. The first DLC was called Jungle Awakens, which featured significant changes to the game and was released in July of this year. This was the first DLC to be added to the highly popular game of Minecraft Dungeons, and this DLC offers three new missions that take place in the heart of the jungle.

The second DLC released was called Creeping Winter; this DLC was added in August. The Creeping Winter DLC added mobs, new levels, new weapons, and even new weapon enhancements. This Creeping Winter DLC added the freezing effect into Minecraft Dungeons.

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The most recent DLC released for Howling Peaks, The Howling Peaks DLC may be the most adventurous compared to any of the previous DLCs.

This Howling Peaks DLC has added mobs and new adventure gear, including the armor called Climbing Gear. This gear has an in-game description of “Sturdy, all-weather clothing and a pair of spiked boots, perfect for braving the harsh conditions encountered on the mountains.”

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While the newest expansion to Minecraft Dungeons may not be a DLC but is instead a seasonal event, this seasonal event has new trials and unique collectable items available for Minecraft Dungeons players.

This seasonal event is called the Chills and Thrills trials. This seasonal event starts on December 18 and will continue until December 30, and this new seasonal event will have six new winter-themed trials with two new trial modifiers. These trial modifiers including changing the number of chests, changing the cooldown on artifacts, and even making the mobs completely invisible.

This seasonal event has a reward of up to three different unique collectible items as rewards! These items include the Arctic Fox Armor, The Frost Slayer, and the Shivering Bow. These items are all designed to offer a much more wintery approach to combat than the items released by the Creeping Winter DLC.

The Arctic Fox Armor offers a unique design, having the helmet looking like a fox compared to the other armors released in Minecraft Dungeons.

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The other two items are called the Frost Slayer and the Shivering Bow; the Frost Slayer is a Melee Weapon and behaves identically to the Broadsword previously released in Minecraft Dungeons. The Shivering Bow is a ranged weapon that behaves like the Nocturnal Bow and steals speed from its target.