Minecraft Dungeons’ Next DLC: Howling Peaks Offers New Items And New Passive Mobs

Minecraft Dungeons’ Next DLC: Howling Peaks Offers New Items And New Passive Mobs
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft Dungeons‘ next DLC is called Howling Peaks, which offers a new terrain for the player to explore in a new way when compared. The Howling Peaks DLC, like the Creeping Winter DLC, is projected to add a variety of different mobs that can significantly change how players plan out the various fights.

Non-Hostile Mobs

Minecraft Dungeons‘ DLC, Howling Peaks, look to add both Hostile and non-Hostile mobs, which can significantly change how players go about dealing with certain levels and maps in Minecraft Dungeons.


The Goat is the second neutral mob to be added to Minecraft Dungeons; the first neutral mob, which was added, is the Adult Polar Bear.

For behavior, the Goal will wander around the mountaintops doing nothing important. One interesting fact is that the Goat will retaliate and attack the player if attacked by the player.

Wooly Cow

This passive mob, the Wooly Cow, is seemingly just a retextured variant to the standard Minecraft Dungeons’ cow.

Sadly, any other information regarding this mob is not known. One fact can be sure, and the Wooly Cow will be seen much more than the standard cow at the higher altitude.


For the upcoming Llama mob, which will be added alongside the Cow and the Goat, the behavior is still unknown.

This Llama is different from the summonable Llama; the summonable Llama features carpets or chests on their back while the standard Llama doesn’t feature these items.

Added Items

There are three different armor sets, which all have different abilities and effects. These sets range from the Emerald Armor, Mountain Goat Armor, and the Climbing Gear.

Emerald Armor

The Emerald Armor isn’t currently obtainable in Minecraft Dungeons but will be available when Howling Peaks DLC is officially released.

The Emerald Armor offers different abilities, the first ability is the armor may spawn an Emerald and the second armor features a +25% melee attack speed.

Climbing Gear

This Armor has an in-game description of “Sturdy, all-weather clothing and a pair of spiked boots, perfect for braving the harsh conditions encountered on the mountains.”

This set has the abilities of -25% artifact cooldown and allows the players to resist any form of knockback by 75%.

Mountain Goat Armor

This set is a unique version of the Climbing Gear armor set, which features the dual abilities of the Climbing Gear and seemingly will offer a third ability.