Connection Haunted Is A New Psychological Horror Game Headed for Nintendo Switch

Connection Haunted Is A New Psychological Horror Game Headed for Nintendo Switch
Credit: Steam XO

Prepare for a strange yet thrilling horror experience in this first-person shooter, Connect Haunted. In this game, players enter a competitive online game where the servers are empty and all the competition seems gone. Slowly new players join the game and yet they don’t exist leaving fans in a world of mystery, unknowns, and fear.

Players will enter a unique multiplayer arena that eerie, dark, and strange. Wander through the title in search of dark secrets as you enjoy the haunting enviroments and slowly evolving threats.

Connection Haunted is an old-style first-person shooter that explores a wide selection of maps and weapons. Enjoy unique challenges as you compete in a haunted reality. This game comes with tons of game modes that will have players returning match after match for more.

Experience classic FPS gameplay that stretches across a wide array of levels. This game uses old style graphics mixed with modern design themes to give it a fun and stable feel.

Graphically this title is presented using retro PSX graphics. Players can explore the map using a modern control scheme, but it compliments the retro aesthetic in a good way.

This game does contain violence, gore, and mature content as it is a horror title. Players should prepare for creepy setting, sudden jumpscares, and traumatic truths to be a prevalent theme throughout this entire game experience.

Enjoy the game’s stable servers with a huge selection of unique and driving experiences. Although the servers may be empty, players will quickly learn that they are never truly alone. Strap in for a horror experience that is terrifying and patient as it needs to be.

This game has an active and helpful discord community. Players can join to share their love of this family-friendly title among like-minded fans. Connect with the developer and other fans through several social media outlets as you prepare for the coming of this strange title.

Connection Haunted comes from developer MrCiastku and publisher No Gravity Games. Although the game does have core game modes, its story is a completely different environment of strange disconnected horror.

Connection Haunted is available on the Nintendo Switch. Players can explore and interact with the unique dark and gritty world. Fans who own previous No Gravity Games titles can gain additional discounts on the purchase price of this unique game. Enjoy the unique aesthetic and blend of horror in this terrifying and haunting title.