Song of Horror Is Coming To Console This October For Both Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Audiences

Song of Horror Is Coming To Console This October For Both Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Audiences
Credit: Steam XO

The Future Game Show hosted the announcement of Song of Horr’s port to console audiences. Players this Halloween will have a new spooktacular experience to explore as this music box themed adventure haunts a new audience.

Take the role of thirteen different characters and watch as their lives are all tied together. After a famous author and his family disappear, players must investigated a malevolent force that has attracted people to its forgotten house and kept them locked away forever. Death is permanent, so be careful when trying to navigate this story from beginning to end.

Song of Horror plays like a 3rd person fixed-camera experience. Take on a mysterious entity that you can not fight as you explore a haunted house. The Presence is always watching, so stay alert and hide for the sake of your life. Explore a cursed location where lost souls linger and stories of old haunt the halls.

After famed writer Sebastian P. Husher has gone missing his editor decides to send someone to visit his house and look for him. This assistant, never came back, sparking the first set of events and disappearance around his home.

A nameless dark entity known only as The Presence has taken refuge inside the home. Responsible for the death and disappearances of all who enter, players must find out the truth that lies within these haunted walls.

This game is a dynamic horror experience. The Presence is controlled by an advanced AI which adapts to your moves and tries to tear you from the home. Experience fear in a new way as the otherworldy being adapts to your play style and hunts you down.

This game’s evolving system ensures a unique experience for every player. As tension builds, players will find that the house is evolving outside of a scripted sequence. Experience a horror game that learns to scare you and will do everything to stop your advance.

Experience the story through the eyes of several characters who each connect to the story in their own ways. Each character brings a unique point of view to the game allowing them a different solution to the overall experience.

Watch as their actions shape the world around them as fans experience an evolving manifestation. All of the heroes can die, and death is permanent. Once a hero is gone they are gone forever resulting in players having to start over with a brand new investigation, and a brand new investigator.

Song of Horror has had a one year life on Steam and won tons of awards and accolades. This game is sure to send even the bravest soul home in a unique horror world of darkness and death.