Burnout Paradise Remastered Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Sometime This Year

Burnout Paradise Remastered Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Sometime This Year
Credit: Electronic Arts via YouTube

It’s good news for people that enjoy causing damage, crashing head-on into other vehicles going at ridiculously high speeds, or just general mayhem; Burnout Paradise is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch, and with it a massive amount of content in the form of all eight previously released DLCs.  For fans of mayhem and destruction, this is fantastic news; even more so when you consider that Electronic Arts shut down the Burnout Paradise servers for good in August of 2019.

Granted, the game at that point was eleven years old, although it was still seeing a fair bit of play as nothing really comes close to the absurd physics and paint-scraping racing that the series has made its name with.

Good news, however; it’s called Burnout Paradise Remastered, and is coming sometime within 2020 assuming that the current state of the world doesn’t dampen productivity for Criterion Games, the developer responsible for bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch.  They also have some pretty large shoes to fill based on the promises that are currently placed on the Nintendo Switch game library; sixty frames per second, over 130 vehicles, along with new locations and challenges to explore.

It’s worth noting that Burnout Paradise Remastered is actually already out on PC, and currently available in the Origin Vault, EA’s take on the games as a subscription service that more publishers have been slowly releasing with their sizeable libraries.

The Nintendo Switch page also states that, along with the standard controls for controlling the vehicle, various touch controls will be enabled as well, allowing you to interact with the title without using the controller.  As of yet, the only touch controls that have been announced is the ability to control the minimap while you drive using now-standardized pinch and pull techniques on the screen.

Beyond this, it looks like more Burnout flavored racing is in the near future, but it also asks another question; is Electronic Arts going to pull this title out of its massive collection and give us a new iteration of the loved series?  While Burnout Paradise Remastered is absolutely a gem in its own right, it also released on January 22, 2008; no amount of pixelized witchcraft is going to change that the core of the title is over a decade old.

Even the trailer is a testament to this: generally vacant streets, off-textured buildings and environmental details, and the PC version suffers from much of the same plight.  We’re all rather excited to once again step into our favorite cars and cause some mayhem, but when will we see a new Burnout title?