Best Champions To Play In League Of Legends: Wild Rift To Dominate Your Enemies And Climb In Rank

Best Champions To Play In League Of Legends: Wild Rift To Dominate Your Enemies And Climb In Rank
Credit: Image via Riot Games

Considering how quickly mobile gaming grew over the past decade, it’s surprising that it took this long for League of Legends, the most popular MOBA title in the world, to make its entrance to the mobile scene. It’s better to be late than never, though, and Riot Games is finally rolling out Wild Rift, the mobile version of League.

While the game looks exactly like its PC version on mobile, Wild Rift wasn’t ported to the platform. The developer re-coded the whole game from scratch and updated most of the models in the process to make the game look as good as possible.

Most old-school gamers may believe that the mobile gaming community is less competitive in terms of gameplay, but that is certainly not the case.

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Mobile games are much more accessible than their PC counterparts, increasing the total player counts to unimaginable levels. Not only is Wild Rift a competitive game by nature, the fact that it’s also supported by one of the best tournament organizers in Riot will be the fuel of millions of players aiming to achieve higher ranks.

Baron lane – Tryndamere, Garen

More often than not, the Baron or the top lane will be the most isolated corner of the map. Picking champions with self-sustaining abilities is the key to surviving possible ganks from the enemy jungler.

Jungle – Gragas, Master Yi

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Junglers potentially have the most impact on the outcome of a match. Their ability to help any lane in trouble and make the enemy laners’ lives a living nightmare is more than enough to seal a game.

When uncontested, junglers have the potential to take over a game simply by farming. Their ability to take down objectives like dragons by themselves makes them a valuable asset to their team even if they fall behind in terms of farming.

Mid lane – Lux, Ziggs

Mid laners are the cornerstones of a good lineup. They’re known to bring the damage to teamfights, and most excel at solo-killing fragile champions. Mid lane champions play in the most dangerous lane in Wild Rift since it has the most entry points. This makes junglers a real threat for mid champions, meaning they need to play with all of their senses not to give away any kills.

Dragon lane – Jinx, Blitzcrank

While dagon lane may look the simplest one out of all, it features completely different chemistry. A total of four champions collide in this lane, with two playing the role of a support.

Supports try their hardest to keep their AD carries safe while AD carries will focus on securing the most amount of farm possible.