Overview Of LEC Superstar Team And Worlds Title Contender For League Of Legends, G2 Esports

Overview Of LEC Superstar Team And Worlds Title Contender For League Of Legends, G2 Esports
Credit: Riot Games via Youtube

Founded originally as ‘Gamers2’ in 2013 by former League Legend Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez Santiago, G2 spent a couple of years in the Challenger series before being able to win the promotion tournament to the EU LCS. They managed to succeed at the end of 2015, gaining a spot in the next EU LCS season.

G2 Esports had a fantastic start, managing to clinch a playoff spot during their first season. Three successful splits followed, setting a record for most back-to-back EU LCS split victories in League history.

Fnatic gained the upper hand in 2018, displacing G2 at the top for both splits and reaching the finals of the World Championship. During the off-season, ‘ocelote’ alongside the head coach Fabian ‘GrabbZ’ Lohmann secured the signing which would shock the community, they signed Fnatic’s mid laner ‘Caps’ and swapped their mid laner to the bot lane. This move was controversial at the time, and no one expected it to happen. But this move gave birth to this legendary roster that we have today. The upgraded roster with Caps in the mid lane dominated the LEC in both splits this year while gaining a reputation for being able to flex picks champions in multiple roles, such as Pyke, Syndra, Yasuo, etc.

Their momentum carried on towards the international stage at the Mid Season Invitational, defeating the tournament favorites of SK Telekom T1 in a best-of-five series. G2 has proved back then that they were one of the best teams in the world.

The team has the perfect talents in all lanes:

1) Top-laner Wunder, who fills in whatever role he is needed in, be it carry, split pusher, or tank.

2) Jungler Jankos, who is known for his aggressive jungle style with constant invades and risky plays.

3) Mid-laner Caps, also known as Baby Faker, winning every single LCS split on the team he’s been on while having insane mechanics and a champion ocean to play with.

4) Bot-laner Perkz, who managed to switch his role and improve a lot in a short period. He is flexible, plays ap mages bot successfully, and displays tremendous abilities on the standard ADC picks.

5) Support Mikyx, with his shotcalling, roaming, and controlling the pace of the game, the other carry players overshadow him. Overcoming from a wrist injury and managing to stay at the top despite the breaks taken during the season.

Now, after sweeping SK Telekom T1 once again in the Semifinals will they show the world that they are not one of the best teams, but the best team in the world?

Stay tuned for the League of Legends World Championship Finals, which will happen next week between G2 Esports and Fun Plus Phoenix on November 10 in Paris!