Brawlhalla Mobile Game Announced But Sign-Ups For Closed Beta Available Now

Brawlhalla Mobile Game Announced But Sign-Ups For Closed Beta Available Now
Credit: Brawlhalla via YouTube

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play fighting game with cross-play available on the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Publisher Ubisoft and developer Blue Mammoth Games recently announced at the Brawlhalla World Championship in Atlanta that the title was coming to mobile devices.

According to the mobile announcement trailer: “Brawlhalla is coming to mobile devices in 2020! Register for the beta to get access as soon as it becomes available in your region. It will be the same Brawlhalla you know and love just on a new platform. At launch, there will even be full cross-play support!”

The mobile version will have co-op and competitive cross-play with players on other platforms. The trailer does now showcase gameplay, but gamers can expect the same fast-paced action similar to the current game.

Gamers can head to the official Brawlhalla mobile website to pre-register. Players are then placed in a queue and receive their invite through e-mail. Not only will they get to play the closed beta, but players will receive a referral link to share with friends, family, and others on social media. The more people that use players’ custom referral links, the faster they’ll receive closed beta access.

The best way to get into the closed beta as soon as possible is to sign up as quickly as possible. There’s no word on how often invites will roll out to those who sign up. In the meantime, gamers can continue to play the game free on multiple platforms.

There is currently no set launch date for the closed beta. While gamers will gain access to the game for free, this isn’t the final version of the game. Players will also likely have to give feedback on their experience or, worse, have their data wiped when the final version is released.

Currently, Brawhalla features 47 legends and “Epic Crossovers” that include popular cartoon characters like Adventure Time’s Finn and Jake. There is also a collaboration with WWE featuring eight superstars from the company, including John Cena, Becky Lynch, The Undertaker, and more. The developers also continue to release new content and updates to the game, even if gamers choose not to play the mobile version.

The official release date for Brawhalla Mobile has not yet been announced but will be available on the App Store and Play Store.