Looking For a Minecraft Speed Run Video That Is A Bit Different? Then Minecraft Manhunt Videos May Be Perfect

Credit: Dream Via YouTube

Minecraft has been gaining more and more popularity on YouTube and Twitch with the quarantine, and PewDiePie’s very successful Minecraft series has brought a lot more eyes to the game of Minecraft.

PewDiePie has ended his Minecraft series, but the interest in Minecraft on Youtube has yet to drop, and YouTubers like Dream, who has been producing Minecraft content for quite a while.

Minecraft YouTubers like Jachael123 beat Minecraft using just a piano rather than the standard keyboard and mouse. Like Dream, Jachael123 beat Minecraft, where either the way he played the game was significantly different, like using the piano as a controller or having three hunters chase after the player while they attempt to beat Minecraft.

Dream is a well-known Minecraft Speedrunner that has a total of 5.19 million subscribers. Dream has made this format popular through various videos on his channel.

Minecraft Manhunt is a game in Minecraft where the one player will attempt to beat the game while a varied number of other players are hunting him down with the sole reason of killing him.

The main player has to defeat the Ender Dragon while running from these hunters. The main player has to deal with the mobs from Minecraft and the hunters while gaining items and materials.