Adventures in the sky city Review of Little Noah Scion of Paradise

Adventures in the sky city Review of Little Noah Scion of Paradise
Credit: ign

An unusual platformer with bright battles and serious leveling of the hero.

The game is announced for the Windows platform.

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The people of alchemists are constantly looking for exciting places, and, behold, our heroine found floating ruins. As soon as she was about to start absorbing magical power and knowledge, a strange cat appeared, which sent a storm, and now it’s not so easy to get out of here; the airship is broken. You will have to explore the secrets of this place and repair your vehicle.

The gameplay is a rogue-lite platformer with battles.

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You must first choose one of the three difficulties to overcome.

You will have to undergo small but informative training in the first stage. As you progress through and discover new content, hints will continue to appear.

The combat system in the game is very unusual. The fact is that the heroine strikes with the help of the so-called little people. Dwarfs are the epitome of fighting styles; they are used as they are placed on the skill bar and are activated when the standard attack button is pressed.

That is, it looks like some kind of mouse hits with a sword, then some sort of mole with a club appears, then a fireball dragon launches. There are many possible assistants, and you can take five with you simultaneously.

As you level up or find unique items in the levels, the strength of the little people can be increased. For example, you can give gifts to dwarfs, and then they will gradually increase from one to five stars.

In addition to dwarfs, the heroine can use her skills (these cells are also occupied by little people, as far as I understand) and Ulta when charged.

There are a large number of enemies, which represent our possible dwarfs. But sometimes, there are enhanced opponents and bosses.

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Ordinary enemies are not particularly difficult (I played on easy difficulty), but the bosses are dangerous creatures, stubborn, and it is not so easy to win.