World for Two Is Headed To Steam On July 16th This Year

World for Two Is Headed To Steam On July 16th This Year
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PQube has launched another adorable pixel world as developer Seventh Rank announces World of Two. this beautiful side-scrolling adventure enters a world long gone on a highly emotional and artistically unique journey. Fans of pixel-based games will enjoy its beauty, and others will enjoy its unique storyline.

This title is planned for a PC release in July, and it follows the adventures of an android. The goal is to reintroduce life to a destroyed world. While this is a difficult task, the android must complete its goal for the sake of the world around it. Reseed evolution and enjoy the beautiful graphical result.

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This is an adventure in a highly emotional world where you are trying to bring back life to a dead world. Change desolate wastelands, rejuvenate environments, and help humankind’s last survivor complete his dream. With an extinct planet needing your help, only a brave android can accomplish this task.

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In the story, The Professor spent years learning how to recreate life. The energy he needs to accomplish this, however, must be harvested from the surface where he can not go. So he designed you, an android, to travel where humans can no more and rebirth the dead world.

Players must solve puzzles, collect Starflames, and match DNA codes with existing animals to create life. This means combing DNA with trial and error results with the hope that something will work.

Once life is restored, you will bring them back to the surface and enjoy seeing their unique colors, traits, and characteristics. Matching the unique story of this title is a beautiful soundtrack that makes the game feeling thrilling and driving.

After the main story is completed, players can access the exclusive Chapter 0. This tells the story of the Professor, how the world ended, and the world that once was. Further, players can replace the main story soundtrack with an interesting variant composed of violins, viola, and a cello.

Story and world-building within this title are carefully crafted, and the gameplay experience is simple. Fans will find it eerily familiar yet alien as you recreate lost life and enter into a new and brighter future.

This title is good for audiences of all ages. It tells an important story of renewal and can be enjoyed by anyone who loves puzzles.

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World for Two is set to release on July 16th for Steam and PC audiences from Seventh Rank and PQube.