Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Is Coming To The Nintendo eShop This Week

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Is Coming To The Nintendo eShop This Week
Credit: Mega Man via YouTube

Nintendo eShop is an incredible platform to use for Switch owners. There are so many games available to purchase. This is particularly true in the retro department. They are added every month, it seems. Some new entries are coming next week, with one of the better offerings being Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection.

It features a total six games in an iconic and long-running series. It’s an incredible value that is certainly worth checking out if you grew up playing these action platformers back in the day. The collection will be available starting February 25 and includes Mega Man Zero 1, 2, 3, 4, ZX, and ZX Advent.

All of these games have something amazing to offer. They are primarily based around platforming action. You’ll move across stages as Mega Man, taking down various threats along the way. Each game flows pretty well and has much better graphics. Thus, if you’ve always wanted a definitive Mega Man experience, this collection is certainly a treasure.

The mega buster canon is still as fun to use as it was back in the day. Its mechanics are simple to master, which is great if it has been quite a while since you’ve picked up one of these titles. As you progress in each game, you’ll have the chance to unlock new weapons. The shield boomerang and triple rod are certainly fan favorites.

Another feature that fans have enjoyed with this collection is the weapon upgrade system. Now, you can enhance your weapons simply by using them in the game. Each weapon you start out with will be low-powered, but by advancing levels, you’ll make them more and more powerful. Certain bosses and enemies definitely warrant them.

Aside from the stellar gameplay, this collection has a lot of great content. For example, there is a music player, special filters that you can change at any time, and even a gallery to view artwork that you collect.

All in all, Mega Man Zero/ZX  Legacy Collection is an amazing addition to the Nintendo eShop. If you haven’t had the chance to play these titles and want to go through them one after the other, then this collection is right up your alley.

This latest offering shows you how amazing the Nintendo Switch is. It constantly receives new and classic games every month. The PS5 and Xbox Series X may be coming out this year, but the Switch is still positioned to be successful thanks to its amazing game library.