Ubisoft Announces Plan To Fix Parts Of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint To Appease Fans, Including Bugs and Game Mechanics

Ubisoft Announces Plan To Fix Parts Of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint To Appease Fans, Including Bugs and Game Mechanics
Credit: GameSpot trailers via YouTube

Ubisoft has faced a lot of criticism from its fans since the October 4th launch of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. Because of this, Ubisoft has outlined plans via a blog post to fix problems that fans have been vocal about.

For starters, Ubisoft will fix bugs and stability issues that have been plaguing gamers. Players have dealt with a series of issues, including their drone becoming unusable, characters become unusable besides walking, looping enemies, and crosshairs of the players’ gun frequently not matching the path of the bullets.

Players can expect two maintenance patches coming in mid and late November to address these problems. However, bugs and stability issues are not the only issues Breakpoint gamers have dealt with.

Here is the blog post that was tweeted out on Ubisoft’s Twitter page

The blog post addresses a more fundamental problem with Breakpoint.

Ubisoft knows that “some of the design choices made have caused polarized reactions and discussions regarding the direction taken by the Ghost Recon franchise.”

Fan reception with a lot of the game mechanics for Breakpoint has been abysmal. First, many fans have claimed that the game is so repetitive that it becomes boring very quickly. Players have also complained about the tiered loot system that was brought in. Furthermore, gamers are annoyed with the cover mechanic and adaptive shoulder switching.

It is unclear how Ubisoft will fix all of the issues fans have with the game, but they are promising to bring to life a more “radical and immersive experience.” They are keen on updating game mechanics to suit the needs of their unhappy customers.

Gamers will be happy to hear that the issues they have with Breakpoint haven’t fallen on deaf ears. It seems like Ubisoft is genuinely interested in fixing the game. Of course, a lot of their reasoning probably has to do with the tumultuous week they’ve had.

On Friday, the game developer’s stock price dropped 20% when Ubisoft announced game development delays and a decrease in projected revenue. The stock price has started to creep back up, but it is still not where it was before the announcement.

A part of the revenue nose dive is the poor delivery of Breakpoint. Fans have been extremely disappointed with the game, especially when comparing it to its predecessor, Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Revenue is way lower than Ubisoft expected before they released the game.

IGN has rated Breakpoint a 6 out of 10, PC Gamer has given it 40%, and Digital Trends has given it a 6 out of 10. These are unfortunate numbers for a game that was so highly anticipated.

It will be intriguing to see if Ubisoft can change enough about Ghost Recon: Breakpoint to appease fans. Or will it all be too much too late by the time the fixes roll out? Players may have already moved on to other games and have chalked Breakpoint up to a bad memory.